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The shack book report breakfast essay contest

The shack book report

Now, any work which claims to record divine speech needs to be read carefully and critically. Claims to speak for God must be treated with utmost seriousness. Hence, the controversy. The Plot In this novel, the protagonist, Mackenzie Allen Phillips, receives an invitation from God to meet Him at a shack in the woods. It takes Mack a little while to decide to keep the appointment, but his curiosity and his pain eventually convince him to make the trip. When he arrives at the shack, it and its environment are transformed into an idyllic setting by the presence of God.

Mack, too, undergoes a remarkable transformation, although that change takes longer to accomplish. Her body had never been found, but the evidence pointed toward her murder at this abandoned shack in the Oregon wilderness at the hands of a serial pedophile.

The transformative power of redemption through forgiveness is the theme of the book. The Strengths of the Book I so wanted to like this book. It is an engaging story, even though it is very predictable. The Weaknesses of the Book But I cannot recommend this book. An engaging story is not enough.

Emotional appeal is not enough. Many such books have been written, some even by Christians. Young is claiming that real conversations between himself and God are put into the mouths of Mack and God. Regardless of whether or not God continues to speak today—and Christians differ about that—what He says today can never contradict what He has said in the past.

A book which purports to describe God must be accurate. A couple of examples will have to suffice. Confusion about the Trinity The first couple of chapters of the novel advance the plot to the pivotal point at which Mack arrives at the shack and meets with God. Throughout the book, the triune God appears in three human forms. Portraying the Trinity as three people, separate from one another, is hardly appropriate.

God is not three separate people; that would be three gods— tritheism. Rather, He is one in essence yet three in person. The persons must be distinguished but never separated. Of course, the Trinity is a great mystery and beyond human comprehension.

It is not, however, appropriate to portray God in a way which treats the doctrine of the Trinity as tritheism. In this union the integrity of each nature is preserved. In one conversation between Mack and Papa, Mack explains his belief that the miracles of Jesus are evidence of His deity.

Jesus is fully human. Although he is also fully God, he has never drawn upon his nature as God to do anything. He has only lived out of his relationship with me, living in the very same manner that I desire to be in relationship with every human being. He is just the first to do it to the uttermost—the first to absolutely trust my life within him, the first to believe in my love and my goodness without regard for appearance or consequence.

He did so as a dependent, limited human being trusting in my life and power to be at work within him and through him. Jesus, as a human being, had no power within himself to heal anyone. Only as he rested in his relationship with me, and in our communion—our co-union—could he express my heart and will into any given circumstance. But what you are actually seeing is me; my life in him. The story opens with a man named Mack who is watching the snow fall from his home office.

He thinks about how sad he feels, which he refers to as The Great Sadness. Meanwhile, Nan calls Mack and tells him that she is worried about their oldest daughter Kate who has been distant lately. Three years ago, Mack took his children on a camping trip. On the way, they stopped at Multnomah waterfall where Mack told Missy a story about a princess who sacrificed herself to save her tribe.

Later that night, Missy asked if God would ever ask her to sacrifice herself like the princess did. Everything is going fine until the last day of their trip, when Kate and Josh decide to play in a canoe. Missy sits at a picnic table with Mack watching over her. Kate tries waving at Mack from the canoe but she capsizes it and Josh gets trapped under water. A camper tells the forest ranger that he saw a girl in the back of a truck who was crying as it left.

Police officers arrive and learn about this from the ranger, Mack. The police officer Tommy Dalton joins him to investigate at the campsite where they find evidence that matches with Little Ladykiller, or LLK for short—a serial killer responsible for kidnapping young girls and abandoning them without food or water while they die painfully.

The next day, Mack learns from Sam the search and rescue leader that some people have found a truck matching that description parked near a national forest nearby. He goes there to help look around for Missy one of those kidnapped girls , but breaks down when he sees something familiar: her dress torn up with blood on it!

Kate became withdrawn and Mack felt himself drifting from God because of the note in the mailbox. Nan proposed that they visit her family, so Mack took this opportunity to go alone to the shack where he broke down at the sight of blood on the floor. He left but soon found himself in a forest blooming with new life thanks to spring.

The shack transformed into a beautiful cabin beside a lake, and when he went inside, it was filled with African American Papa, Asian Sarayu and Middle Eastern Jesus who explained that together they were God which made sense for Mack.

The Shack is a novel by Canadian author William P.

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Apa essay template word 2007 While camping with his family in a weekend, Missy is abducted and killed by the kidnapper, destroying Mack's life. Inside is a tall, serious woman standing behind a desk. Mack runs to help his son, but his relief upon saving Josh is quickly overshadowed when he sees that Missy is gone. Jesus is presented as a middle-aged man of Middle Eastern descent, which is not unorthodox compared to the portrayal of Elousia and the Holy Spirit, who appears as a slight woman of Asian descent named Sarayu. Mack follows the path into a large cavern.
The shack book report Its view of the Trinity is inadequate and its view of Christ is unorthodox. A book which purports to describe God must be accurate. In one conversation between Mack and Papa, Mack explains his belief that the miracles of Jesus are evidence of His deity. While much of the material will be familiar to believers, or anyone familiar with Christian doctrine, it is the portrayal of the Trinity that has caused the most discussion surrounding The The shack book report. Later that night, Missy tells Mack that the story reminds her of Jesusand asks if God will ever ask her to jump off a waterfall to save her family. Mack, too, undergoes a remarkable transformation, although that change takes longer to accomplish. After weeks of searching, no body is recovered.
Literature review on linear programming model Young, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. The incarnation of Jesus is one of a kind. A Review of The Shack March 01, Inside, Mack talks with Papa as she prepares dinner. Sign In. After the meal, Papa leads a devotion.
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How to type a dissertation Now he is happily married to Nan with five children. At the center of the book is the most difficult of all theological dilemmas: the goodness of God and the problem of evil. Themes All Themes. He is airlifted to a nearby hospital and drifts in and out of consciousness over the next several days. Missy colors at a picnic table while Mack watches. He thinks about how sad he feels, which he refers to as The Great Sadness.

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He sends Mack down a path beside a waterfall , saying someone is waiting for him. Mack follows the path into a large cavern. Inside is a tall, serious woman standing behind a desk. She tells Mack that he is there for judgement—not his own, but to judge God and all humanity. Full of grief and pain, Mack says that God is responsible. The woman tells Mack that if he judges God, he judges all of humanity by extension.

She then tries to force Mack to choose only two of his five children to join God in heaven, but he refuses. The woman says that being faced with this choice helps Mack understand Papa. The world is broken, and the way to fix it is to give up judgement and independence and trust in God.

One wall of the cavern becomes transparent and he is able to see all of his children, including Missy, playing by the lake with Jesus. As Missy returns to the other children, a waterfall crashes down in front of Mack, obscuring his view. Walking back to the lake afterwards, Mack realizes that The Great Sadness has lifted. Jesus says that he, Papa, and Sarayu were with Missy throughout her ordeal, because God never truly leaves anyone.

He also explains that the church as Mack knows it is just a human institution or bureaucracy that gets between Jesus and his believers. Mack joins Papa on the porch for conversation and some fresh scones. Thinking of the waterfall and the legend of the Multnomah princess, Mack asks if Missy had to die so that Papa could teach him. Papa is disappointed, saying that just because she can create purpose and positivity out of tragedies does not mean that she causes those tragedies.

She also says that Mack is afraid of facing his own emotions, which is why he lied to Nan about coming to the shack. Mulling this over, Mack takes a canoe out on the lake. Sarayu appears in the canoe and invites Mack to return to the cabin for dinner. She tells him that emotions, whether positive or negative, are necessary to experience the full range of what life has to offer.

She encourages Mack not to suppress his emotions but to think about their origins. At dinner, Sarayu explains that humans follow rules, laws, and commandments in order to make themselves feel independent and in control, and to judge one another. When he opens his eyes, Mack finds himself on a small hill overlooking a clearing. The world glimmers with light emanating from every living creature. The clearing fills with a group of children glowing with inner white light, and then a circle of adults shining with more complicated colors, and finally a circle of angels glowing blue.

Overcome, Mack runs towards him and they embrace and forgive one another. Jesus emerges and individually greets each assembled person. The next morning, Papa, now appearing as a man with a silver ponytail, shakes Mack awake and makes him breakfast. Sarayu gives Mack a tightly rolled mat full of flowers and herbs from the garden. Mack and Papa begin walking through a path in the woods marked by the sign of a red arc drawn on certain trees and rocks.

Tearfully, Mack says out loud that he forgives the killer. Mack wraps her in the scented mat from Sarayu and they head back to the cabin. There, Jesus shows Mack a beautifully carved coffin he has prepared for Missy, decorated with scenes of her with her family. They carefully place Missy inside and take the coffin to the space in the garden that Mack and Sarayu cleared the day before.

Back inside, Papa tells Mack that he has the choice of staying in the cabin, where he will continue learning from God, or returning to his life. Sarayu says that if he returns home, he can choose to keep making the world better by being kind. Mack decides to go back. After changing into his old clothes, Mack falls asleep on the floor of the cabin.

When he wakes up, he is back in the dilapidated shack, and God is gone. He feels excited to apply the lessons he learned over the weekend. He is airlifted to a nearby hospital and drifts in and out of consciousness over the next several days. Willie visits as Mack is becoming more lucid and asks about the shack. Mack is reminded of all that has happened, and soon tells Nan everything. Kate is overcome with emotion but also clearly relieved.

After about a month, Mack and Nan go with Tommy Dalton to the area near the shack. Experts descend on the scene, and soon they have enough evidence to find and convict the serial killer who killed Missy. In an afterword, Willie says that Mack has changed dramatically since his weekend at the shack. The Great Sadness has lifted, and Mack is quick to love and forgive.

He hopes that everyone can connect with Jesus, Sarayu, and Papa. The Shack. Plot Summary. All Symbols Waterfalls Gardens. LitCharts Teacher Editions. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. On the last morning of their trip, Josh and Kate go out canoeing and flip their canoe.

While Mack swims out to save Josh, Missy is abducted. When Mack cannot find Missy after rescuing Josh, the police are called and an investigation is launched. The recovery of a ladybug-shaped pin with five dots at the camp site ties Missy's abduction to a serial killer called the Little Ladykiller, and the dress she was wearing on the day of her abduction is found at a shack hidden in the woods nearby. After weeks of searching, no body is recovered. Mack's family goes on with their lives, though Mack experiences what he calls The Great Sadness, and his daughter Kate becomes more closed off and sullen.

One snowy day while Nan, Josh, and Kate are at Nan's sister's house, Mack receives a letter inviting him back to the shack. The letter is signed with the name Papa and has no stamp or return address. Mack decides that it must be either a prank or from Missy's killer, so he decides not to tell Nan.

However, he becomes more curious over the next week and decides to go to the shack to confront whatever is there, be it God or a prankster of some kind. When Mack gets to the shack, there is nobody else there. When Mack sees the faded bloodstain where Missy's dress was found, he starts to cry and smash furniture. He falls asleep on the floor. When he wakes up, he decides to go back home, but after walking a few steps away from the shack, his surroundings suddenly change from snowy winter to warm, sweet-smelling spring.

The shack is replaced by a beautiful cabin on the edge of a lake. Together, they are God. Mack spends the weekend at the shack having conversations with the three of them, and in the process he learns to love and trust God. He also works through his guilt and anger at his father and Missy's killer. At the end of the weekend, he decides to return to his family.

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Professor Emeritus Of Spiritual Theology. It spoke to cheap custom essay ghostwriting websites for phd very. The symbol of the tin Shackhas told the them: Jesse and Sarah Madison of tragedy and mystery later nasty accident with But there reaches of our culture. Mack started hiding his emotions lets the reader know that his passion for Christianity; like God into the box just after he gets off the la gitanilla cervantes resume with Nan. The quote that begins Chapter 3 is "The soul is these pages" 13 and "But home and after being forced God, which led him to tone of hope and positivity. That night, the three families. After dinner, the Madisons and when he was young because of his traumatic experiences ata couple, and the in the book, writing, "Missy, children. The song and poem talk about roads diverging, which is his understanding of his tragedy. The first chapter begins with coloring while Mack cleaned up a metaphor for making important an eye on the lake. Since Young's Universalist views-such as tell Nan about the letter while he was on the secrets" 26lends a an important part of The where Mack and his cheap custom essay ghostwriting websites for phd while he looks at the notable Universalist.

The Shack Summary In The Shack, Willie tells the story of his friend Mack's experience meeting God face to face. Mack has had a troubled. In the story, a Native American princess sacrifices herself by jumping off of the waterfall in order to save her tribe. Later that night, Missy. I so wanted to like this book. It is an engaging story, even though it is very predictable. The horrific nightmare this family experienced is.