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Hot to write a professional memo how to upload resume to linkedin

Hot to write a professional memo

Findings from focus groups and surveys have made it apparent that we need to update our advertising efforts to align them with the styles and trends of young adults today. No longer are young adults interested in sitcoms as they watch reality televisions shows. Also, it has become increasingly important to use the internet as a tool to communicate with our target audience to show our dominance in the clothing industry.

XYZ Company needs to focus advertising on internet sites that appeal to young people. The following list shows in order of popularity the most frequented sites:. Shifting our efforts from our other media sources such as radio and magazine to these popular internet sites will more effectively promote our product sales. Young adults are spending more and more time on the internet downloading music, communicating and researching for homework and less and less time reading paper magazines and listening to the radio.

As the trend for cultural icons to go digital, so must our marketing plans. It used to be common to advertise for our products on shows like Friends and Seinfeld for our target audience, but even the face of television is changing.

Young adults are tuning into reality television shows for their entertainment. Results from the focus group show that our target audience is most interested in shows like American Idol , The Apprentice , and America's Next Top Model. The only non-reality television show to be ranked in the top ten most commonly watched shows by males and females is Desperate Housewives.

Memos are usually more formal than emails and are often used when you need to give your message a more official look. They can also be printed and distributed wherever this message would have the most impact.

Memos can be addressed to a single person or a group, so tailor your message to reflect the concerns of your audience. As with any business document, always remain professional and polite, even if you have to address a negative topic. An official memo is no place to single someone out in a critical way, so focus on facts and constructive plans for the future. Business memos usually begin with a header section that lists recipients and other details in the following format:.

Whenever you start a paragraph in a memo, always put the main point of that paragraph first, as this makes your writing direct and easy to follow. If you do include a farewell, make it brief. As discussed in the Business Writing Essentials lesson, revision is vital for any quality document. Read over your writing to cut unnecessary material, clarify your main points, and proofread for grammar and factual errors.

Consider, that how to write a thesis statement for a persuasive essay sense

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Jeff Bro, if you're lonely.. Ian Bro, if you're lonely.. Ip3Auwwaju seriously did you create almost 30 profiles to disclose dubious link probably with viruses? Rochi Hot Bunny. I literally come here just to check the comments. Do anyone want to play minecraft with me please? What do you play on? Hell yeah! Candy Vanessa. I have seen diagrams of the system presented online. Whether one believes this or not depends I think on what one believes about the nature of our governments and what their plans have been over the past two or three centuries.

In that context this is the time when that spiritual entity seeks to become the visible ruler of the world in the person of the Antichrist. If this is the first time someone has had an inkling that maybe these plans are not for our ultimate benefit then to make the leap from this place of innocence to fully developed conspiracist would be difficult.

Personally I have been following these developments and the history of them for 16 years. It may not be rolled out in full immediately but in incremental steps. This is their usual modus operandi. I believe we are now in the final chapter of the history of this Age and the coming of the Kingdom of God is very close. The location of the Mark is also a reflection of the command to the ancient Israelites to bind the Law to their hands and foreheads that is usually taken have to have symbolic meaning I have refereed to.

This command is obeyed literally by the ultra-orthodox Jews who are the modern day descendants of the Pharisees who also obeyed the commandments of the Law in the most literal fashion. Jesus reviled them for their hypocrisy and castigated them for ignoring the real import of the Law which is a Law of Justice and Mercy, reflecting the true nature of a loving God. Christians have gone in the opposite direction and thrown the baby out with the bathwater, insisting that the Law has been fulfilled in Christ and that we now live in the Age of Grace.

In doing so they have replaced the Law of God, which is spiritual, with their own commandments, just as did the Pharisees, and for the most part the past two millennia have followed the pattern of disobedience and apostasy exhibited by the people of God in the prior two millennia.

The reason for this has been the degree to which the Holy Spirit has exercised control in individual and corporate life. Where such control has been complete, that individual has pleased God. Where no such control is evident, that individual or body has followed the ways of the world, Mammon, while professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The extent to which each of us has followed on to know Him in the fellowship of His sufferings, so that we might also know Him in the power of His Resurrection, will be revealed at the time of judgment.

It will be a conscious choice. The system will be such that you cannot buy or sell without the chip. I believe this covid garbage is more about bringing in the digital monetary system. If one wants to open or reopen a store they may only be able to function with this system. They are implementing that now. You did not see video of this happening. This is not a transcript. This did not occur. A person who watches Parliament would immediately understand this is not a transcript of a Parliament session.

This letter was written by probably one of the smarter schemers on social media — they take an educated shot at guessing how the pandemic would play out — and the person who wrote it actually did a pretty good job. UBI is the only piece they were completely wrong on.

You should always question why you trust people on the internet. Especially those you trust the most. Our human brains are very flawed — and sometimes they can let us down. The NDA is for life. The penalitey for violation is returning eleciton expenses, no pensions, and forfeiture of assets. This is why no one who leaves or retires gives any interviews — or say anything about Trudeau — no one.

Para quem tem […]. Ik ontving deze open brief van een inwoner van Canada. Er zijn zoveel dingen gebeurd in het […]. The people who say that is he is are lying. There are concentration camps were people are experimented on. Covid 19 is not dangerous. There is only one Covid patient per hospital and all deaths are now put down as deaths from Covid. Look up websites and try to find ones that have the truth for more information.

If you are not sure if what you found is truth just ask here. Most of us know and believe the truth. Also, once the Queen came to Canada to have a picnic with a class and those kids never returned. I agree with you. I just hope that people will take the time to research it and realize that if we continue down this path, we are going to lose our freedom for good. Our children will grow up in a very different world then what we had up to know or at least before Covid.

Some of us can see it clearly, others have started…yet still there are those who are just blindly following…no questions asked. Sad reality. They are setting you up to receive a hero. That hero will be Donald Trump. So many lies. President Trump did his best to stop this scheme and save his country. It is absolutely terrible. I pray for Canada, U. Only Jesus Christ can help us. Also sorry if my name sounds stupid.

Time to fucking wake up and do your own research about the great reset and their plan to impose socialism on us. Also start using common sense. We must wear a mask to walk from the entrance of a restaurant to a table but then can take it off. Stop listening to the main stream media and do some real research and critical thinking. I say let it out and wake them all up.

Man glaubt es kaum, aber Gesundheitsminister […]. There is no debt-its fictitious. Its the people who work. Its all about the Living and the Dead ledger. Go watch the Living and the Dead by Bill turner in new Zealand. This is not a joke.

It was always an illusion. So many businesses have gone already and so many just hanging on. All the while there dismantling the temporary hospitals because they were barely used yet were told everything is worse now than first lockdown, none of it makes sense. Leaked that the government is making covid passports even thou they denied it but now say they were just looking into the idea.

I think anyone who works in finance knew that we were heading for a cliff. Printing endless money only puts off the inevitability of systemic crash. If that happened there would be chaos. My own personnel view is the covid crisis real or perceived is a way to manage the fallout while keeping control.

While people are fearful they can be controlled much easier if they feel there life is at risk, It also is a time to force throu all climate control measures which basically are bottom to. Up wealth distribution measures. Yes this came out in October. SHAME on you. Who are you to say something is disinformation? It is clear to most awoken Canadians that this is clearly the agenda moving forward bankrupt the country forced everyone to take the vaccine and receive UBI.

Not saying all is true. But not asking any questions and living by Government rules only…. This seems to be more than just some guy making stuff up, this last lockdown was not expected, because we had the rolling district lockdowns.. I really dont understand people like you that think their are people out theri cooking up false narratives for covid and people that just believe everything that they see on TV it bores me you use the sheep Anology so you know thats from Animal Farm, the hseep mindlessly repeat what they are told just like the people guilt tripping about masks….

That is the dfeinition of disinformation this is noty disinfomration it is simply sahring something that might be true the headline reads you decide…. I swear you people dont look up the dfeinition to words before you use them continue to live in fear and mask up dont owrry about sweden dont look at them they dont have to do it! Oordeel […]. In order to beat these bastards the likes of Bill Gates and the rest of the baby raping baby eaters will need to be dragged out from where ever they are if underground you find the vent holes and every means of theirs stripped from them so they cannot do what they are intending to do.

Y en a beaucoup comme you that think that everything in this world is crap. Good luck. Nothing can stop what is coming upon the world. Harris, the most likely President at the time if Trump is defeated, may hasten the onslaught but even Trump cannot stop it.

No one can. Only God knows the timing and how it will play out but it has already begun. My guess, and it is only an educated guess, based on what I have seen and read and my own presuppositions, the denouement will come in One aspect of the final resolution will be the destruction of the City of Jerusalem, probably by a nuclear weapon, the end of the Jewish State and the Jewish religion. This will cause a crisis of faith in the evangelical Christian churches, who have given undue reverence to the Jewish State, and a subsequent falling away, apostasy, from the Christian religion.

This will be especially noticeable in the United States where the institutional Christian churches are still very influential. God is the only one that can stop it. People have forgotten God. Yes indeed Deborah. However God has not forgotten us.

He is working out His Plan and nothing can stop that. What the rulers of this present darkness plan for Evil, He plans for Good. As it is written:. The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying, Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us. He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision.

Then he will speak to them in his wrath, and terrify them in his fury, saying, As for me, I have set my King on Zion, my holy hill. Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession. Amen David Robertson!!!!! God is indeed on the Throne and has been from the very formation of the Earth and all the planets, solar system, and creation of Man.

And if man will stop fighting amongst him self and ban together…this outcome can be changed…. For mans fate in this world is NOT writen in stone…. And to change it would simply mean that it is not yet time for christ to return. You should not pray for that which you do not want. Simply look into the eyes of your children — to gain your insperation….

I believe your assessment is very likely indeed—even down to the year mentioned, But it WILL be stopped. He will come and stop it. Yes, I agree. That will be inaugurated with the visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ and His many sons, in power and glory. As you say that will bring an end to all strife and begin the reign of righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. Only one trumpet was blown indicating that this Resurrection calls only the leaders, the overcomers, and not the entire congregation.

This is why we read in the Revelation of two Resurrections, one at the beginning and one at the end of the Tabernacles Age, aka the Messianic Age or the Millennium. The deliberate leak of the information is remarkable because it is the equivalent of senior […]. We do not f care who you want to arrest or not…. Stop spamming on websites because you want to share your stupid and useless view. The post, itself, also resembled an email, and claimed to have been sent by an anonymous member […].

WE have a minority government here. And the government will be dissolved and force an election. We have nobody in the opposition. The only politician who can fight this autocratic government is Maxime Bernier. How North America has been able to change so much to the left?

You really believe this bullshit, and think politicans have any more information or can predict the future any more than anyone else? They are exactly same lost humans as anyone else. Please wake up. Everything is uncertain and no one has answers. You just need to deal with this. Order out of Chaos. Get it now? So much of that is reality right now for Ireland — complete lockdown, you cannot buy clothes or toys even, no visitors at all. Other European countries following … France, … Germany for some strange reason only part of the measures, not sure why … and so on and on and those never stopping face masks.

Donald Trump is going to save you. You will worship him when he does. He is the beast of revelation. When he saves you you had better realize that you are being manipulated to accept a savior in the likes of donald j. The republicans and the democrats are on the same side.

Trump is their golden boy. If they wanted him out all they would have to do is expose his affiliation with epstein and the lolita express. He will put an end to the globalist agenda which again is bullshit. For him to be the hero and take it down. What were you saying about Trump? Trump is going to be president. Well, more likely a king. This is coming. I suspect he will use the military. The pentagon is actually blocking sleepy joe from getting any information on what the military is doing.

Tons of money is coming. Remember this, what shall it profit a man if you gain the world and lose your soul. This is going to be a test on every human being. Will you pass? I see above they took down my video about his relationship with the elite and the pope. I wonder why if they hate him so much.

We all should be prepared. Buttar has s talking about in this […]. You decide […]. Your racism toward Quebecers who are invaded as you are by the Jewish cabal has led us all here. It was simple. I was there the whole time, telling you but your racism went on and you listened to clueless wannabe activists instead of listening to people like me who had all the info we needed to stop this. Yeah put your families last and your so-called friends first and you will see how quickly in the coming year your friend is now you killer.

We should have never let you in our country. If this was you at the other end of the leak information would you have wanted your name published, considering this individual maybe fearful for their job or better yet in fear of be drag through court for leaking the infomation? What has not been herein mentioned is that the Western World, before the Covid fraud, was facing a soon to be financial-economic mayhem and crash, simply due to the facts that debt is over the cliff.

Covid is the response, so that the world Master Class can use the fake to subdue and control the masses, which so far is well working. Regardless of the fake Covid , the crash was well predicted and coming, With crisis time to , followed then by who knows what the hell??

Hi there David! I read through this entire comment section and especially your words resonated inside my mind! Thank you for the insights. I just have one question, would you be so kind to tell me more or to point me in the right direction me where I can find more about something you touched upon in one of your posts below? All of his books, pamphlets and other teachings may be bought at his website or read free of charge there also.

There are other Kingdom teachers I have read over the years since I left the institutional Church in but I now keep up to date with ongoing events at this website exclusively. All the idiots dismissing this do not realize at least half of the predictions are already starting to come though. Internment camps ARE being built right now — this is happening. The liberals are treasonous communists who are welcoming the Chinese to invade Canada with the Covid 19 Trojan horse.

The conservatives are either deliberately playing stupid or they really are that clueless. Protect your family and friends and get ready. Nut up or shut up. Now they are finally going to see the error of their ways. Unfortunately it will be far too late for the majority of them. God gene , this vaccine is that the patent is even suposed to have the so?

This is the reason why they want Trump out and Biden in. From everything Trump has said and done, he can never allow this kind of thing happen in the US under his watch. I think they figured that if this doesnt work in the US, it will become very difficult to implement in many other places. Biden will be their key to bring the US into this sort of a Plan but God has his own plan their plan will fail until the time set for it! The internment camps tenders were right on the gov. They posted these same things when alex jones was warning you about fema camps.

Contracts, jobs and the like to work in these camps. I actually expect bergoglio to be taken out because the catholic people hate him and his agenda. Go and look at the video i posted on october 18th or 19th and see just how closely tied the white house is with the vatican. So I expect 2 nuke wars. Hail Mary!!!

The nuke programs have mainly been a way to suck vast sums of tax dollars into the wealthy s pockets. Are you an idiot??? All the leftist liberal commies of the world hate Trump!! Meth sure is a bad drug! They are all on the same side. They have an agenda, including trump. Go to my post of October 18 or 19 where I posted a video. Trump is a jesuit coadjutor.

The opposite in fact. Great wealth is coming. No one will care about God. They are priming people for a Christ figure, antichrist. That is Donald Trump who is working with the vatican, the great whore to bring all people under the catholic church.

This leak is purposely released and being made known to all of mankind in every country. They will look to one man, one nation to save them. That will be Donald Trump and the u. They also want you to know that the covid is a hoax. That way you will believe that their real intention is to kill everyone.

Donald Trump will win house and senate. Then watch him go. Will you look to Donald Trump to save you? When he does you will worship the man. Get your head a shake, he is working against globalist and he is also a Nationalist! Stop watching msm, please. It is time to stand up and fight against the Globalist!!! The whole thing is staged. Donald Trump is not the Anti christ you refer to. He is actually the one they want to get out of the way to bring in someone else who will further their agenda.

He works for the pope. Refer to my post from october Sure… the only ones who took over fascism i. I dont care if the enire country decides to wear a mask , I WONT, unless I put on my terrorist balaclava which is special forces style, and then they can fuck themselves! They will back off if we all wear them! This pussified, stupefied, cowardly society will never do what you are saying, much as I like your suggestion. I cannot stand the sight of those faceless dogs in blue muzzles anymore!

Not to insult dogs…even dogs resist the muzzle. FACT: They have never been seen in the same room at the same time. Thank you. In Canada, an insider from the governing Liberal Party has leaked details which […]. There is no pandemic. The world will look to one man to save them, antichrist, Donald Trump. Also the prime driver behind white replacement.

We will… We are…. It is very unlikely that he is Jewish. He was born in in Germany and went through the German education system. That would be impossible if his family were Jews. The year was when Hitler consolidated his political power and became the undisputed judicial authority in Germany. Those who control nations today are members of the highest degrees in secret societies, who primarily worship Lucifer aka the Devil or Satan.

They control banking, corporations, governments and academia. We are now in the final chapter of their control and a major denouement in the ongoing struggle between the forces of Evil and those of Good will take place in It is nothing mysterious. I have participated in spiritual warfare for 15 years and that is a revelation that was given to us recently. They have always proved to be accurate in the past. No doubt everyone has a different belief and the only arbiter is the outcome.

You may well be correct in what you say, there are elements that ring true although the conclusion may be different. However that the final empire of Mystery Babylon is falling is certain. The centre of this empire is the United States and it works closely in alliance with its predecessor, the United Kingdom.

The wicked spiritual powers who have ruled the Earth since the fall of Jerusalem in B. They have come down to the Earth to assist their servants in this realm in resisting their own removal. Many Christians believe that Trump is an instrument of God to bring the satanists and child sex traffickers to justice. I have read that Hillary Clinton is a practising witch and member of a coven in California.

Certainly there is a spiritual element to the present animosity between the Trump Republicans and the Clinton Democrats. This animosity may be the manifestation of a factional conflict in the ruling circles or it may be a genuine battle between Good and Evil, or both.

In other words there is a great deal happening in these days that is fulfilling Biblical prophecy and many will see these events according to their own understanding of such. None of us has a complete picture because that is the way our Father has ordained it, so that we can share any insights we have with each other. What we can likely agree on is that we are now living in the end times. One of the major events in these end times is the fall of Babylon. You appear to believe that there will be one last expansion of wealth before the end while I believe that the fall has already begun and will intensify in the years to come and Babylon will come to a final end with a great loss of wealth for those who have profited by her rule.

There will indeed be an expansion of wealth but only when the Kingdom of God is established. The foundation of Mystery Babylon has been the global banking system. The rulers are presently working to shore up that system while preparing to launch a new one, the Quantum Financial System, with themselves in charge again.

I do not believe they will be successful since their end has been ordained and is in progress. Their efforts however will be used by God to bring in His Kingdom and remove the current rulers. One of the first actions of the Lord Jesus Christ when He comes to rule will be a Jubilee, the cancellation of all debts, without recourse or seizure of collateral.

What you believe may be consistent with the present rulers being successful, in which case there would indeed be a final expansion of wealth as they cancel all debts, take ownership of all the property that is collateral for that debt and achieve what they call their Great Reset of the world economy. So the difference between the two visions as they are being worked out is quite minor. The final outcome however will be radically different insofar as everyone will have title to their own property, debt free, in the Kingdom of God.

If the current rulers achieve their Great Reset, all property will be seized and owned by the rulers who will continue to rule in a much greater dimension than in the past. I do not believe that is at all likely. So, as I say, which is the correct belief will be revealed in the outcome. By their fruits you will know them. Keep these things in mind. Scripture says: They will worship a man They will not repent They will want to live forever They will take a mark so they can continue to buy and sell.

Revelation Context. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off,. People assume these merchants are bankers and the rich men of the earth. I believe the rich will be ordinary people. They are setting up global trade routes and all the people of the earth will have access to a global market.

When people are rich they feel no need for God or they are going to sell them on a God that wants them to prosper and bless them. Another Jesus so to speak. When they kill you they will think to do God a service. They will kill the christians who will not bow down to this king. Their wealth will mean everything to them and they will believe they deserve it. They already have them. Just as in the dark ages, they are after those who serve God and God alone and stand by scripture.

I watched an interview with Bill Gates in which he said that anyone who did not take the vaccination would not be able to buy or sell. So, do you think Bill Gates could be the Antichrist? Why not? He is all over the place on television, telling us all how to live and being praised and fawned over for doing so. In any event I am sure many Christians will take this mark as they do not recognize the significance of what they are doing.

You make a mention of the merchants of the Earth and they are, in the verses you quote, bewailing the fall of Babylon. That is supporting what I have said that Babylon is already falling and those who profit from her will indeed wail and bemoan her falling. I did mention that anyone who profits from the present world system and is enmeshed in its coils will suffer when it collapses.

The bankers may be the primary beneficiaries and the rulers but they are obviously not the only ones profiting from the system. It is surely apparent to you that that is precisely what they do indeed want, total control of all the people, everywhere, all the time, not just Christians.

This is what is being exposed right now as they impose draconian restrictions on everyone, usurping the personal responsibility we all have to take care of ourselves. Many Christians are obeying the rules and wearing a mask or staying home so they are not likely to be singled out for persecution. However anyone who refuses to obey, Christian or not, will no doubt be punished. Again, I am not contesting anything you have said. We all have different perspectives on how the present world reflects the word of prophecy.

Christians have been under persecution somewhere in the world since the beginning of the Church in apostolic times. It is what we must expect since we are not of this world order. The institutional Church however did become part of the world system in many cases and has now been set aside.

We are now in transition into the next Age, the Tabernacles Age. The Age of Pentecost that began at Pentecost 33 A. D ended after 40 Jubilees at Pentecost If people have nothing they will be less likely to take the mark. If they have everything to lose, a wonderful home, everything they could want they will take the mark.

If the rulers achieve their Great Reset then, as I have said, the property that is the collateral securing the debts that are cancelled will be taken by the rulers. Many thousands of homes were seized after the banking collapse in but I believe that the plans of the rulers are much more predatory. It may be presented as something good but the result will be anything but. It may be that you are seeing beyond this time to the coming Kingdom of God when indeed all debts will be cancelled but everyone will receive a property debt free.

By then the Beast system will have gone along with the antiChrist spirit that presently rules in those who rule the world. The mark, as I have said, is the vaccination which curiously enough will indeed leave a mark like a tattoo on the skin. They put people like bill gates out there to terrify the people. If they wanted to kill everyone they would just do it.

They have a myriad of ways in which to do so. No, they are scaring the people so that they will run to the only hope they see…Donald Trump. Here is a video with Laura Lynn Thompson and ex cia agent discussing the corruption of the systems in both the u. How trump is preparing indictments and will caution Trudeau. Some time ago our dancing dilettante made it clear how much he admired how the Chinese Communist system operated, with one man at the top and everyone else subservient.

He is now proposing isolation read internment camps where all those afflicted by Covid would be held until cured. Lock people up For a virus they cannot prove even exists. It has never been isolated. The tests are meaningless. Healthy people test positive due to the fact the tests are made to give false positives. Even a Paw Paw tested positive. The President of Tanzinia I think it was, tested a bunch of things to see if the tests were any good. They are bogus. It is at the site any way.

Check out the lawsuits post, while your there. This is what they have planned for the whole world. Remember there are more of us than them. Viva la resistance. Kings and Emperors will soon pass away and the democracy of the United States will take their place.

When the United States rules the world, the Catholic Church will rule the world. Nothing can stand against the Church. Quigley October 15, — July 10, Chicago Daily Tribune, May 5, We must defeat all heretics non Catholics at the ballot box. The holy father states that negative tactics are fatal. Care must be taken that no suspicion may be raised when Roman Catholics are secretly given more government jobs than Protestants, Jews and other heretics.

The Roman Catholic is to wield his vote for the purpose of securing Catholic ascendancy in this country. EDUCATION must be controlled by Catholic Authorities, and under education the opinions of the individual and the utterances of the press are included, and many opinions are to be forbidden by the secular arm, under the authority of the Church, even to war and bloodshed.

In this intention he is aided by the Jesuits, and all the Catholic prelates and priests. Oh really? Kinda Weird almost looks as if Trump and Hillary are friends. Since this north american society is based mostly on Christian Traditions. Congress is almost entirely catholic. So is the supreme court.

The catholic church worships lucifer on the day of the sun. It is sun god worship. Remember ezekiel! I have a theory that they are setting us up to accept a savior. That savior may well be Donald Trump as he is behaving as though he is not part of the cabal and that he will not go along with who or the u. The whole world will wander after the beast. Who is like unto the beast and who is able to make war with him? The timing of the election has a great deal to do with it. If you saw global leaders arrested would you follow after the beast?

To artsy chic, if that were true, and all things are possible, Trump would have to die and be resurrect as according to the book of Revelation. But still poss. They are behaving as though a communist dictatorship is being put into place globally. What do we read in revelations?

I have a theory. We will have to wait and see. I do and I judge everything by what I read in scripture. Revelations tells us what will happen in the last days preceding the coming of the Lord. This means that they will worship this man. Are they creating this global threat in order to get people to follow after one man who will save them from this diabolical plan? A hero?

He himself has said that he wants America to be a light on a hill for the rest of the world. He has broken ties with who and the U. If he was to put a stop to these things as some say he will, will not the world follow after him? I think they want canadians to look to trump to save them. Has not Mr. Has he not purchased the RCMP? Think about it. What happened in the Duffy Affair during the election?

Duffy not carry through the entire election for Stephen Harper and his imminent ruin during that election? What happened to the SNC-Lavalin scandal during the following election just four years later with a Trudeau government? And we have a Trudeau government that accused Stephen Harper of lack of transparency? Why did Mr. Trudeau prorogue parliament over his third ethics breach? Should that have not been enough? And the question of transparency continues with this shallow Liberal government leader that proclaimed Canada was years-old and celebrating its birthday in during Mr.

What is there to trust with Mr. What is the future of Canada with the spending habits of a buffoon? The Queen owns nothing in Canada. The Federal Canadian Government is an illegal Government that has been lying to Canadians for decades just keep their power and and control over Canadians. The land is called Crown land but in actual fact it belongs to each Province. Listen to these two videos in this link. Spend time reviewing the website. You will come to know what I am talking about.

For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still. What would happen if someone had the courage to say it in the House of Commons? So how is the rest not real and a fake story? IMO Covid 19 is the beta test a dry run if you want. The show is all organised so nothing make sense Why you may ask? They are building the opposition so they know who they will be fighting.

Listen the article does not mention HOW they will fill all hospital?? Come on Canadian Report. This is very obviously conspiracy theory nonsense. Shame on you for spreading disinformation. The cat is well and truly out of the bag. It is right here, in your face. If you are an innocent abroad it is time ti wake up. If you are a professional debunker it is time to look for another job. I had to look for it myself. I had to search for it. If it is true there is nothing anyone can do about it. Either way we can do nothing to change what is going to happen.

Of that much at least I am certain. So just sit back and enjoy the show. You are not a freedom lover I see. Just another Statist functionary with a very limited vocabulary, hiding behind a nameless avatar. Carry on. Your fascist masters LOVE how you hate those who were the only capable to took over them.

The big question is what are you doing to hold your public servants accountable? The rcmp and most police forces in this country are nothing more than goons and thugs. Get used to it. This is ridiculous and obvious fear mongering by opposition crazies! I would bet my limited means that this is NOT from a legitimate source! Please, people, put your brain in gear before you write such nonsense. You might get a huge wake up call.

Easy enough to check. Give or take a few weeks, just watch for the timetable to actually be fulfilled. No need to poo-poo it completely. All you have to do is wait a few months. Hell, the first big part of the timetable is close at hand: — Phase in secondary lock down restrictions on a rolling basis, starting with major metropolitan areas first and expanding outward. This is supposed to happen in every country internationally. The whole world will be in fear.

Will this then insure a total win for Donald Trump who is supposedly against the nwo? I predict he will win house and senate given that most people will see biden as another globalist. You may see arrests being made all over the place. The world will cheer and dance in the streets. I believe they are putting this out to ensure a win for Donald Trump.

Reverse psychology actually. I believe he is the beast. Right now, speaking like a lamb for the people. Later, like a dragon. This is pure fiction, and not even worth watching if it were a B feature on Netflix.

Badly written, no sources. Possibly commissioned by a hostile foreign government or conceived by an anarchist group intending to sow panic. Think about it people. Any credible whistleblower would provide detailed citations. Not vague dystopian fiction. Do not spread this hogwash. And learn to recognize false narratives. Do your own research and consider who gains when these unfounded, patently false stories spread. Do your part to sift for truth. False stories like this will sound true because they are alarming and apparently written by someone real.

But it does not take much to unravel them. Three out of nine? One out of 3?



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