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Professional essay proofreading sites online esl dissertation conclusion ghostwriters services ca

Professional essay proofreading sites online

Almost anyone who has ever written some content for others to read e.

Professional rhetorical analysis essay writing service for masters However, sometimes, it is difficult to find the paper proofreader for that. We strive for customer satisfaction. With our proofreading website, we not only give you editing support but also provide you with expert feedback about your writing and your topic of choice. Listen to Podcasts. How cool does that sound to you? Author I have a novel, manuscript, play, or ebook. Support
Personal editing website us Or, ask your assistant to sign non-disclosure agreements and to promise not to reveal work details. Summing up, free best proofreading sites may save you some money, but they won't improve your essay, professional essay proofreading sites online, thesis, article, or any other writing like a professional proofreader does. Truth business plan structure wikipedia told, these recommendations should be taken critically, because the automatic analysis of your text that this tool performs sometimes gets your intentions wrong and gives false suggestions. TopEssayWriting Best price. Wordy Wordy is a platform that offers ad hoc proofreading and editing jobs to freelance professionals from all major time zones, including: the USA Europe Asia Australia Africa and the Middle East. If you haven't put our service to the test, give it a try now and see what all the buzz is about.
Bad example of a resume If you are: systematic, focused, meticulous and know your onions about spelling, punctuation and grammar rules, this may be a perfect career path for you as online proofreading job opportunities abound. WritingUniverse is a company that is new on the market but has already gained a reputation as the best proofreading service on the market. Avoid companies that keep information about their activity in the dark. Everyone needs help. Delivery 8. We have answers. The agency offers affordable proofreading services and has reasonable prices that will fit any budget.
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Professional essay proofreading sites online TopEssayWriting has many return customers that they care about and offer a discount loyalty program for everyone. Your document's security is important. They will also help you in the long run. Therefore, it's better to choose from proven options such as the best services represented in this review. Can you imagine how much content that is?

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Even if you're doing it for free at first, you can use those as portfolio pieces. And who knows, you're friend might know others who could use your service as well. Domino effect, yo. Cold emailing can work really well if you do it right. However, I'd recommend having some testimonials and portfolio pieces before you try it. That way if you do get someone interested, it'll be easier to sell to them.

Once you're ready, check out this guide. It outlines how a copywriter used cold emailing to grow their freelance business, but it can be applied to freelance proofreading too. Ok, now that you know how and where to find freelance proofreading jobs, here are some tips to help you land your first client and beyond:. If you'd rather have someone else provide the clients for you so you can focus on the actual proofreading side of things, becoming an independent contractor for a big proofreading or editing company is probably your best bet.

A lot of beginner proofreaders try to start out with contract proofreading jobs, but I honestly think it's better to start out with freelancing. Well, most of the proofreading companies I'm about to mention have high requirements. They get dozens of applicants coming to them per day and they want the BEST of the best. Some of them also work in particular proofreading industries like science, academics, or law , so they want their proofreaders to have a degree or even PhD.

Still, feel free to apply to these companies as you attempt to land freelance clients. Just don't neglect the freelancing side of proofreading. That's where your business can really thrive. Note: Be sure to read carefully through each of the online proofreading jobs below.

Some are more beginner-friendly than others. Clickworker is one of the biggest micro job sites around, and some of the tasks on their site involve copy editing and proofreading. To get started, you'll first need to sign up and complete some text creation jobs. After that, you can take a proofreader assessment test.

If you pass the test you only get one try so make it count you'll start receiving paid proofreading jobs in your dashboard. To learn more, read my full Clickworker review and earning guide. Mechanical Turk is owned by Amazon and it's another one of the biggest micro job sites. They'll occasionally have online proofreading jobs as well as text verification tasks and other similar things available. Companies can pretty much post any task imaginable on this site though so it's worth signing up and seeing what's available.

Proofed works with a variety of clients including students, authors, people with dyslexia, and more. They say their ideal job candidates are passionate proofreaders and PhD holders with years of experience behind them. Remember: If you're a beginner proofreader, Proofed offers a Proofreading Academy course. If you graduate with a score of 80 percent or higher you'll be able to qualify to work with them.

Learn more here. Once you're ready, apply here by completing the form and attaching a single-paged CV and cover letter. Lionbridge has a variety of jobs available, including employment positions and remote freelance opportunities. I couldn't find anything proofreading related on the freelance side of things during the time of writing this, but feel free to take a look for yourself.

While their site isn't super flashy, Babbletype has been in the game for over 20 years so it's worth checking their hiring page every once in a while for opportunities. At the time of writing this Babbletype isn't looking for new editors or proofreaders, but they do hire occasionally. They also hire transcribers and translators.

Gramlee doesn't directly require a degree or years of editing experience, so they're more beginner-friendly than most. However, they receive hundreds of applications per week so the more qualified you are, the better. If you think you can provide the same quality of work, fill out their short application form.

Scribbr provides proofreading and editing services to over a million students each month, so they have a pretty consistent demand for editors. At the time of writing, they have editing positions available in Dutch , German , English , and French — possibly more in the future. To qualify, you'll need to have a bachelor's degree, be available for at least 10 hours a week, and have experience in editing academic texts.

As you can see, Scribbr will designate jobs to you automatically, you'll follow their editing system using MS Word's Track Changes feature, and that's pretty much all you need to worry about. Sound good? Apply here. See, instead of strictly charging writers for editing services, R3ciprocity allows writers to edit other people's work to earn credits, and then exchange those credits to get their own writing edited.

For beginner editors, as your skills improve and you complete more work, R3ciprocity may give you the opportunity to become a paid editor. You can then exchange the credits you earn for cash payouts to your bank account. To get started, just sign up , pass a few tests, and start reciprocating! To apply , you'll want to have academic editing experience as well as familiarity with Harvard and APA styles. Quick turn around time is important as well.

Because Stickler doesn't explicitly state the need for a degree or PhD, this could be a good option for beginners. If you've helped proofread or edit your college friends' papers and you're familiar with the proper style guides, it's worth applying. ProofreadingPal offers a variety of services, and therefore has a variety of jobs for proofreaders:. On top of having several types of jobs, ProofreadingPal uses a two-proofreader model, which means an even higher demand for proofreaders.

Scribe is a large media company that helps authors write and publish books. They have freelance and full-time positions available, but for now, let's go over the freelance side:. So yeah, no proofreading or editing jobs at the moment, but you can sign up for job alerts on their site.

They've hired proofreaders in the past. And hey, if you're willing to expand into writing, feel free to apply for the positions above. Scribendi is a Canadian proofreading company that's been around since They deal with pretty much every type of document you could think of:.

Hiring both in-house and online editors and proofreaders, there's some great opportunity here. More info on the in-house positions below. To apply as a freelancer, you'll need a university degree in a relevant field, three years of experience in editing, and lastly, you can't reside in certain U.

If you're hired, jobs will be offered to you automatically, with set prices. You can choose to decline or accept any offer you receive. Prompt is all about helping students improve their writing skills. Check for open positions here. CACTUS has one of the cleanest proofreading sites, with their job page sleek and straight to the point. They offer contractual, freelance, and full-time editing positions:. To get all the details, check out their current openings here. As you'll see, Cactus focuses mostly on editing in specialized fields like healthcare, life sciences, and medicine.

For that reason, they typically require applicants to have a PhD, master's, or bachelor's degree in one of those subject areas. Thorough experience can be accepted as well though. Wordvice is a fairly new proofreading company that opened in Since then, they've reportedly edited over million words. Talk about fast growth!

As you can see from the image above they offer 3 main categories of editing and proofreading services: academic, admissions, and business. You can also see that they have several positions open. They're looking for freelance editors, translators, researchers, content writers, tutors, and more. After applying, you'll go through a review process, have to complete an editing sample, and then you'll potentially be hired.

From there, a supervisor will designate tasks to you directly no bidding for work! Formerly known as About. Be sure to check their career page frequently for new opportunities. Tip: If you find their career page hard to navigate, you can also fill out their simple application form for job notifications.

Unlike other entry-level proofreading jobs, Edit has a gold standard that most similar companies can barely compete with. Applicants must:. In other words, getting into Edit ain't easy. If you dare to apply, submit a resume and sample writing here and you'll get a response in 48 hours.

If you have a day job, they don't want ya. If that sounds like you, apply here. If you pass the application tests, you'll be added to Book Editing's freelance network. Here, clients can find you and hire you at your own chosen rates. EditFast allows freelancers to register and activate a web page basically a profile that clients can view. If you meet those requirements, apply here.

Once your page is added, if a client sees it and likes it, they can contact you directly for your services. EditFast also distributes work to qualified editors but they make no guarantee that every editor will be given a client. Also, although payments are agreed on by the editor and the client, the commission passes through EditFast via PayPal. EditFast charges 40 percent on all earnings. ProofreadNOW caters to all sorts of clients: marketers, advertisers, book writers, and other professional authors.

They even work with a few Fortune companies. To apply to become a freelancer, you'll need a minimum of five years of experience as a professional proofreader. You'll then need to take some editing tests to prove your skills. If you're interested, check their employment page here. If they're not currently hiring, sign up for job notifications here. To apply as a freelance proofreader for Polished Paper, start by submitting your resume here.

If you qualify, you'll then have to take a question editor test. Score excellent or above to get the chance of being supervised by a senior editor who will peer-review your work for accuracy. After a while of working for the company, you may even get the chance to become a senior editor yourself, which means a better salary and other benefits. Editor World offers academic editing, book editing, business editing, ESL editing, and proofreading for all sorts of documents.

Right now they're only hiring those with PhDs or science backgrounds, but they'll typically hire anyone with at least a bachelor's degree and some prior experience. Check their application page for the most up-to-date requirements. If you're hired by Editor World, your profile will be added to their database of editors. Here's a preview of that:. Note that they don't have hundreds of editors on the platform, so it's not as competitive as, say, a freelance job board.

Wordy hires editors from all over the world but consists of a workforce that is largely based around the UK, US, and Australia. If you want to apply, head here. If you fail, you can apply again after 6 months. Processing your application takes around days, so you can expect a reply within that time period.

To apply, you'll need a Master's degree, PhD, or similar professional experience in any academic discipline. You'll also need two years of professional editing experience. To learn more, head here. Editors that are accepted by Sibia Proofreading are equipped with at least a bachelor's degree from a top-tier university, with editing experience on top.

Although they currently don't have any open editor positions, you can always check their contact page every so often to see when they're hiring. Kibin focuses mainly on helping students improve their writing. Their main service is essay editing. Edit focuses on light editing and proofreading, allowing authors to maintain their writing style while not sacrificing grammatical and typographical quality.

This light editing philosophy allows Edit to charge lower prices and have a fast turnaround rate. Their primary focus is not to change your content, organization, or writing style, but to make sure that your writing is at the best state it can be.

You'll need to send in a writing sample with a resume or description of relevant experience before beginning the extensive application process. Cambridge Proofreading works with students and businesses, editing and proofreading a variety of documents.

Statistically speaking, less than 1 percent of applying freelancers are actually hired because of their intensive selection process. The company's minimum requirements for applying include being a native English speaker and having a Bachelor's degree. You'll also get feedback on your work from other editors which is a great bonus.

English Trackers regularly hires freelance proofreaders, writers, and editors for academic texts, websites, books, business documents, and more. To apply, head here. You'll need to be a native English speaker with 2 years of academic editing experience. A PhD helps, but it's not required.

Other than that, their requirements are pretty open. They have guidelines on the type of applicants they're looking for, but they range quite a bit. As long as you're a native English speaker, are familiar with MS Word, and have experience editing books or academic documents, take a shot and apply here. And while those are typically more flexible, they don't always offer consistent work. With remote employment though, you can get benefits and a predictable salary — you just need to sacrifice a bit of flexibility.

To start, remember that these job boards I mentioned above occasionally have remote proofreading jobs available:. Now let's look at some companies that regularly hire in-house proofreaders and editors to work from home:.

You can apply to be an in-house proofreader at Scribendi if you have:. As a full-time employee, you'll receive health benefits like medical and dental packages, allowance, vacation time, and so on. As I said above, Lionbridge occasionally has full-time editing positions or other language-based positions available on their career page.

These jobs have high requirements including specific location requirements but they pay well and include benefits. The application process isn't easy though. You can apply from anywhere in the world, so give it a shot! Working as a full-time employee at Scribe means competitive pay, profit sharing, a full benefits package, and more. Find Scribe's full-time openings here.

Lifetips produces a TON of content so they're looking for in-house editors with search engine marketing experience to help manage it all. Salary and full medical benefits are included and it seems as though you can apply from anywhere in the world.

I've just tested this out with some well-known personal finance sites — like NerdWallet — and was able to find open positions in content editing, marketing, design, and more. Tip: Do this with your favorite companies that you regularly follow. Being already familiar with someone's content makes you an ideal candidate for editing and proofreading their stuff. Weirdly enough, proofreading jobs aren't the only way you can make money as a proofreader.

There are other ways to use your skills like your killer attention to detail and love of words to make money. If you want to get paid to read and write reviews of books that have already been published, this opportunity is a pretty cool one. And yes, it's real. Scoping is sort of like copy editing, but for court reporters. As a scopist, you'd be editing steno notes rather than blog posts or news articles.

Because this job is pretty unknown to most of the world, it's a bit less competitive than most gigs. Just look at what this proofreader who pivoted into scoping said:. To learn more, take this free mini course. You can tutor in proofreading or editing or go wider and teach English!

Your proofreading skills and language mastery makes you a great candidate here. For more opportunities, check out these online tutoring jobs for teachers and college students. Transcription is the art of turning audio into written text. That audio could be an interview, video, podcast, you name it. If your typing speed is good, this is a great potential opportunity to take on. In case there is no project for you, you are free to search for opportunities elsewhere. As of now, there are no proofreading jobs available but you can bookmark this site to check the job availability from time to time.

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can sell your skill to potential clients who want to get things done on a budget. So, I will recommend trying this site once you have gained some experience. To give you a small glimpse, here are some proofreader profiles on Fiverr. They are always seeking people who have an excellent command of English, enjoy correcting grammatical errors while keeping the job instructions in mind.

Initially, you first need to qualify as an author to handle a few text creation jobs before you can take the assessment test for Proofreading jobs. Indeed is a job searching website where you can find proofreading-related jobs posted by clients. One thing you can do is — set up a job alert for proofreading jobs that will notify new job posting straight into your inbox. This is a more convenient way to get updated on the latest proofreading jobs.

Peopleperhour is a freelance marketplace that connects clients and freelancers in one platform. Being a freelancer, you can get paid per project or per hour by providing proofreading services to clients all around the world. K, and Australia. Here the proofreading jobs are usually not always available, but you can check it from time to time for any new openings.

To apply for the proofreader position, you must have some proofreading experience along with a degree as it will give you more preference over others. At the time of writing, there is no current opening for proofreaders but you can bookmark this site for future reference. They are often looking for proofreaders and editors having. Academia-Research is an online academic writing and consulting company created in They provide flexibility and well-paid proofreading jobs for reviewing papers and documents.

Additionally, they also provide bonuses to the most hardworking editors. Nevertheless, you can always check out the site for any vacancy in the future. Upwork is another freelance website where you can bid for proofreading jobs posted by clients. It is just like Fiverr but the only difference is — you need to approach clients instead of them approaching you.

Being a beginner, it will be hard for you to receive projects as the clients like to work with experienced proofreaders. Nevertheless, you can charge less compared to them to increase your chances of getting hired.

Proofreading is fairly easy for those with a good command on English and often pays at par with content writing. Thanks for sharing an amazing list of legit websites. Thanks for the post.