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Professional article writing

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This is a way for you to communicate with respectable figures in your field of expertise, so I expect you to address us as such. The trick to crafting the perfect article is to be concise. Stay on topic, briefly introduce the subject and relevant previous work, and then lay out your main points for the readers.

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We will be more than happy to help you out with answers to your questions. Read more. Why choose Pro Article Writing? Besides, with easy access to the oracle i. In article writing, as well as in many other literary pieces, an outline is essential in establishing a logical flow to your article.

Review your research and think about what the article would look like if you included all of the important details. Now start your outline. Make sure to give your article a logical order and a great flow. You will likely change your outline a few times as you write your article. Many times, a fresh new idea will come into your head as you tap that keyboard, which necessitates a little tweaking to the outline. Not a problem. Revise away until you get it just where you want it.

The rough draft is a must in article writing. There are certain fundamentals of the rough draft that you should adhere to. Also, clearly show what is contained in the article in the first paragraph. The body of the article should continue with the ideas that were touched upon in the first paragraph.

Take those ideas and expound upon them. Be sure to use short paragraphs; four or five sentences is plenty. Clarence Darrow may have been a remarkable speaker in his day before technology , but our attention spans have shortened dramatically since then. That is simply a fact. Break up your long sentences into shorter ones, and more people will read and enjoy your material.

In article writing, you are setting yourself up as a bit of an expert. You should use any information that you personally know to be a fact in your article. Then use your research! Try to use statistics, definitions, quotes, stories, and anything else you can find that will enhance your article. Always be sure to cite your sources. If it is an online article, place links to those sources. The last paragraph should summarize the entire article. Even though the reader has just completed the article, it is good to refresh their memory with the major points you have so effectively made in your masterpiece.

Now that you have created your labor of love, the next fundamental of article writing is to put the article through its paces and see how it holds up. One good way to do that is to read the article out loud to yourself. Note, I did not say read it in your head. I said read it out loud. The reader will likely hear the same thing in their head as you do when you read it out loud, so this is a very good practice to get into.

Have a friend read it. Find a friend who would be considered part of your target audience and ideally, one who tells it like it is. Tweak it, rearrange it, add to it, subtract from it, and do anything else that is necessary to get your baby ready for public viewing. You may do months of research and write an article that is pure poetry, but you can destroy your own artwork — and credibility — if you have spelling or grammatical errors. So take these article writing tips to heart, and use them to finish your labor of love.

If you liked these article writing fundamentals, our lesson videos include more tips that will help you structure your articles and establish credibility.

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Step 1: Create a title for your article. Step 2: Identify the problem for the target. Create a title that clearly describes what your article will be about.