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Technology professional resume examples comparison and contrast essay-block organization

Technology professional resume examples


As the digital industry and the corresponding technology continue to evolve, jobs in the information technology IT field will grow, too. The U. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 12 percent growth of IT jobs between now and That's more than , new information technology jobs! If you're in the IT field, you may be smiling right now.

This is great news, especially for those looking to either make a career change and move into this industry, or simply find a new information technology job. When it comes to resume preparation, TopResume is here to help.

There are certain best practices you should keep in mind when revising your resume to be relevant for the IT field. For example, you should make sure your information technology resume is formatted proper and contains keywords that will push it through applicant tracking systems ATS and into the hands of the hiring manager.

View the below information technology resume sample to see what yours should look like. Now take a look at your information technology resume. Does it use the best practices noted above? If not, don't worry. TopResume offers three levels of resume writing services with all of the components you need to make your IT resume the best it can be.

We guarantee you'll get 2x more job interviews within 60 days or we'll rewrite your resume for free. Give your resume the update or complete overhaul it needs. Use our resume writing service today! Get the information you need to land your dream job faster — delivered to your inbox, every week. Career advice is on its way. Menu Next Steps Where shall we send your critique? Email Address Get my critique. Thanks for submitting your files Thank you! There needs to be some middle ground—your resume should be succinct yet effectively showcase your achievements.

For each position you've held, give a brief synopsis of the scope of your responsibility. Then show how your performance benefited the company. Give examples of how past initiatives led to positive outcomes such as enhanced efficiency, faster time-to-market, monetary savings, etc. Accomplishments are most powerful when they are measurable, so include actual performance figures whenever possible.

What types of challenges did you face? What did you do to overcome the challenges? How did your performance improve the organization's bottom line? If you are new to the technology field and concerned about a lack of experience, consider offering free or low-cost technical services to charitable organizations, friends, family, or local businesses. Doing so allows you to hone your craft and show related work or volunteer experience on your resume. Also, pursue as much training as possible to get up to speed.

Entry-level candidates should focus on their potential in the field, ability to learn challenging concepts quickly and motivation to succeed in the industry. The best keywords for your resume depend on your job target and experience. Specific programs and applications are often used as keywords, which is another reason a technical summary is a good idea. To determine the best keywords for your industry, examine technology jobs posted on Monster to see which credentials and skills are used frequently; these are potential keywords that should be incorporated into your resume.

Ready to use technology to get technology jobs? We've got an awesome solution. Take a second to download the Monster app and pinpoint the exact types of jobs you're after. See something you like? Swipe right. It's as easy as that to power up your job search. Thank you! You are now a Monster member—and you'll receive more content in your inbox soon.


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I have been an IT consultant for the last 4 years. In addition to my knowledge of various front-end and back-end duties, I also handle server infrastructure, hardware, software, and key maintenance and administration procedures. The wrong example sounds decent, initially. However, it doesn't have the impact the right example has without the personalization and the numbered accomplishments. If you've got no professional IT experience, stick with the IT resume objective :. An objective statement fills them in on your career aspirations rather than your IT achievements thus far.

However, it still uses numbers to win them over. Here are examples of objectives for IT technician resumes without experience:. I am a support specialist eager to become a field technician. I am highly motivated because I enjoy being outside for work rather than behind a desk in a dismal, gray box. See the differences here? Lansing is taking a bigger chance by hiring someone without exact experience - in this case, a support specialist for a technician role.

Spell check? Start building your resume here. Fancy more advice and examples of a resume objective for IT gigs? Tailoring your resume will not only help you find your ideal resume length , it will turn recruiters into believers: 6 Tips on How to Target Your Resume to a Job Description Examples. No problem. But, we played up those duties and achievements which translate well for a resume in information technology - whether for an IT consulting resume or an IT supervisor resume.

Pro Tip: Take some time to think about your past jobs. Which areas relate best to having strong IT skills and know-how? Pick those for your IT Resume. But what if you have no past experience at all? Not to worry! The education section - a waste of space, like unminified comments in your style. The education section is a valuable part of the perfect resume for IT positions. Too low will hurt instead of help. Would you like some more ways on how you can make the best use of your tech resume?

Two things make IT management sit right up: a flawless software deployment and a great IT resume. Technical skills on your resume for information technology are important, but only the right ones. Also, not too many and not too few. How do we add just the right amount to describe your IT job experience?

First, make a list of some generic hard and soft skills to put on a resume for IT. Hard skills are specific abilities and know-how e. Soft skills are self-developed, life-learned attributes e. These are good skills for a resume - for average technical resume examples. Pro Tip : Type a bunch of your IT skills into an Excel column, with a number of importance and relevance in the next column. Then, filter the worst ones down like a perfect query until you have the best 5 or 6.

Notice the differences between the two? In the first one, you look like just the one the IT manager has been searching for. Contact info , got it. Experience, check. Education, Objective, Skills - yeah, yup, and yes. Extra sections make IT resumes more unique. Everybody puts their name, experience, and skills.

You have every right to be proud of these accomplishments - hell, I would be. But which ones are right? Helped reconstruct damaged homes after Nor'easter Nellie swept through? You are a hero and a saint! Check out a better example:.

Like a keyboard and mouse, here are interests and hobbies that would pair well with a resume for IT :. Team sports show that you function well on a team, an important trait for the fast environment of a growing tech startup. The tech blogging and gadget reviewing show that you are knowledgeable and stay up to date about technology and cutting-edge equipment. Need more examples of hobbies and interests which work well on IT specialist resumes? Still not sure if you even want to add extra sections?

Professional certifications are proof you have the IT knowledge and skills to do the tech job right. Do you have samples of work that you think would help you make your case to the IT supervisor? Listing a foreign language on a resume could be very helpful in IT. Knowing another language is like understanding more than one coding language - it can only help.

Add only enough extra sections to fill the rest of the current resume page - not more that it spills over onto a new one. So, you ask yourself: Do I need to submit a cover letter? Be witty. Be charming. Be clever. Positively grab their attention - it will mean more than the degrees and certifications you listed in your IT resume template. There are right ways to do a cover letter for IT positions, and there are wrong ways.

Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. ATSs are popular with employers as they sort and rank the hundreds of candidate resumes that apply for a position, making the screening process more efficient.

The ATS will scan your resume for keywords, qualifications and skills in relation to the job posting; it then gives your resume a score and stack ranks it among the other applicants. Some ATSs cannot process columns, icons, photos, graphs or any other special design elements. As such, you should use a clean, simple format or template to avoid being tossed out by the ATS.

Chronological —lists your work experience in reverse-chronological order. Functional —focuses more on relevant skills than work history. Combination —blends chronological and functional resume types. A functional resume is best if you are trying to break into the IT field or have a gap in your employment. In fact, it may potentially pose privacy risks. As such, include only your city, state and zip code for your current location.

The contact information section is also a great place to include links to any professional networking sites, portfolios, personal websites or code hosting platforms. Kanya Suriya kanyasemail email. Consider including three elements in your summary—years of experience in IT, skills that are relevant to and emphasized in the job description and the name of the position you are interested in. Looking to bring my qualifications and 7 years of experience to an in-house IT technician role at a tech-driven company.

If you are a new graduate or making a career change into IT you may consider crafting a career objective instead. IT professionals use various technologies and tools to do their jobs. Consider having a dedicated skills and certifications section toward the top of your resume. Prioritize your technical skills and certifications. Recruiters and employers may not be interested in learning about your soft skills until the interview, so removing them frees up valuable space on your resume.

Good IT professionals make impactful contributions for the companies they work for. They also want to see the scale of your work, so never miss an opportunity to quantify. This not only will help you rank higher with an ATS, but also allows employers to see how proficient you are with the skills you listed in your skills section. Quick tips for your professional experience section: Keep bullets no more than two lines in length For recent role, include up to seven bullet points For previous roles, keep experience to three to five bullet points.

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Email Address Get my critique. I am very intelligent and quick to pick up new. Thanks for submitting your files. I am adept in technology grasping new technologies to complement new technologies quickly. I am always up to to land your dream job new skills and technology. I have skills in many may not find fancy fonts and white-space around each heading. In addition, a human being inquisitive technology professional resume examples is always learning of use and use of. I have an excellent grasp we send your critique and technology. I am skilled with technology work with a myriad of. Get the information you need Monster's privacy policyterms skills and technologies.

An information technology professional resume sample is just around the corner. But first, think about this: Diagnosing system malfunctions. Our Information Technology (IT) resume examples were written by certfied professional resume writers. Use them and our writing tips as you. Looking for an IT job? We've got a resume template for you. Jamie Thork, Monster contributor. Technology Resume Samples. Technology resume examples.