world history essay topic ideas

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World history essay topic ideas hospital service business plan template

World history essay topic ideas

The stories of research, development, and the use of atomic bombs can be used as cautionary tales for people today. From cave paintings and letters to telephone and the Internet — the history of communication is one of the best topics for a research paper.

See how the means of communication evolved throughout human history. Also, the history of the Internet can be explored in your research paper. What was initially created for research and military use became one of the defining elements of modern life. The history of animation is an interesting topic for high school students. Learn about the evolution of animation — from the ancient Egyptian murals depicting motion to the first CGI cartoons and everything in-between.

The history of museums has many exciting twists and turns. Discover how people of different eras were preserving art and other extraordinary objects. Also, it may be interesting to learn about the most significant art thefts in history.

The history of cosmetics is an excellent topic for a research paper with a presentation. See how makeup was used in different eras, what it was made of, and how historical figures influenced makeup trends of the past epochs. Amelia Earhart is a wonderful role model whose life you can research in your history essay.

She was an aviator pioneer and a best-selling author. Her disappearance in remains a mystery. History of Eurovision song contest is a lighthearted topic with serious political undertones. It was originally intended to unite all countries of post-war Europe in one song contest, broadcast live on television. The history of theater is a fascinating subject for a research paper. Theater first appeared in Ancient Greece, went through significant changes during the Renaissance, and it remains a popular art form that covers many genres.

The history of the death penalty is an interesting topic for an essay that you can have a discussion about. The death penalty has a fascinating and gruesome history and remains a controversial subject even today. You can write an outstanding research paper on the history of whaling. People have been hunting whales since prehistoric times for various reasons, including perfume and candle manufacturing.

Another exciting world history topic is Gold Rush. While the California Gold Rush is by far the most famous, there were many other cases throughout history, dating as far back as ancient Egypt. One of the more mysterious history topics that you can write about is Stonehenge. This majestic stone structure has been for a long time associated with druids. The latest discoveries suggest that it was used as an observatory.

Maybe an even more mysterious history research paper topic is the Pyramids of Egypt. The only surviving Wonder of the Ancient World, they are some of the largest structures ever built, and their history remains intriguing. Or you can choose to write about all the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World! They are remarkable buildings and constructions, all but one of which are entirely destroyed, and some are speculated to have never existed.

Similarly, you can write a paper on other beautiful buildings, such as the picturesque Machu Picchu. An iconic citadel of the Inca civilization, it is now considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. A paper on Joan of Arc can show how one extraordinary individual is capable of changing the course of history.

Her life is surrounded by many legends, and she remains a popular subject in art. Delivered during the Civil War, it is considered to be the greatest speech ever. A history research paper on feminism could provide a timeline of the fight for equality. One of the most exciting history topics that everyone needs to know about is the Minoan Civilization — the first highly advanced society in Europe.

You can talk about its discovery in the late XIX, the incredible art of Knossos, and its numerous legends, including the famous Labyrinth. You can choose to write an essay on history of Indigenous Australians. The timeline of first humans populating Australia is full of mysteries, and their culture remains fascinating.

An interesting essay can be written on the earliest universities. They were founded long before in Asia and Africa for educating government officials, and are a fascinating subject to explore. You can write an exciting research paper on Alexandria — a city in Egypt founded by Alexander the Great.

In ancient times, it was a city like no other, and had an enormous influence on the Mediterranean culture. Middle Ages are full of interesting history topics — for example, you can choose to write about medieval magic. One of the best topics on the history of explorations is the North Pole expeditions. It is full of dramatic events, and it took numerous failed attempts until the North Pole was finally reached in the XX century.

The first English settlements in America are among the essential parts of the U. It includes stories of hardships of the first settlers, bad weather, hunger, and conflicts with native inhabitants. Napoleon is an incredibly interesting historical figure. You can write a stunning paper on the rise and fall of his empire. You can focus on a specific era in your essay — for example, Victorian England.

This period of history, both fascinating and terrifying, still inspires countless novels, movies, and T. Titanic is an excellent topic for an essay and a discussion. A cautionary tale about a luxurious ship that sank due to criminal negligence.

Death of the Romanovs is an interesting history topic that is still being investigated. This gruesome story inspired many myths, including that of the survival of Anastasia. Similarly, you can choose an essay on the assassination of J.

Learn about what caused it and what long-term effects it had on the American nation. Similarly, the assassination of Martin Luther King was an enormous tragedy for the whole country. The circumstances of this event are still not entirely clear, and there are several different theories as to what happened. Chernobyl disaster is a fascinating topic that is very popular today.

See what led to the tragedy, and what long-term consequences it had on nature and society. The fall of the Berlin Wall is a crucial event in modern history. Another history topic that you can choose for your essay is the history of berserkers. Education in the modern world.

The new opportunities of the globalized world influence quality and expectations towards studying. A historical essay can analyze the significant inventions that impacted education. For example, you may focus on the Internet. South African Apartheid. The racial segregation regime threw South Africa into poverty and conflicts.

Your essay might discuss the historical events that led it. The founding of the United Nations. The history of the UN is a broad topic with many key events. You may also study the influence of countries such as the USSR on its establishment. Cultural trends during World War II. They also supported people when life was tough. In a research paper, you can choose and describe specific examples. Discuss the impact of entertainment during that period, or compare it to World War I.

The road to the first national frame of government includes many events. You can analyze the contents of the original Constitution articles based on their drafts. Changes in European economies following the discovery of America. Later, economic progress led the world to its current conditions. An essay that highlights these milestones can be fascinating! Fight against terrorism. After September 11, , the world enforced its war on terrorism. Governments applied measures such as peacemaking interventions to unstable areas.

A historical assignment might include the most significant attacks. Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in The attacks were crucial events that finished World War II. Your essay might address the events that led to the attacks. Urbanization in the US is an interesting essay topic. The most significant change took place in the 19th century. The railroads connected the whole country, and trading opportunities grew.

Discuss why people moved from rural areas to cities and the consequences of it. History of railroads in the United States. Broad territories were the major obstacles to American economic development. In , the first railway journey took place in the US. The roads were rapidly built during the following century. A discussion these events is a fun historical assignment topic.

Immigration and scientific progress in the 20th century. Back then, thousands of Europeans were forced to migrate to the US. Many of them were responsible for important discoveries and inventions. Discuss its effect of immigration on science and technology in a historical essay. The three most important inventions of the 19th century.

Typewriters, bicycles, and telephones were first made in that period. For an essay, you can pick the inventions based on their historical value. The stock crash in was the worst experience for the industrialized world at the time. Entertainment during the Great Depression played an essential role in supporting America.

It is also an interesting historical topic to write about. Despite prolonged peace, governments still have political disagreements. Choose two conflicting countries and identify the events that led to the current situation. Modern American society praises equity and respects the rights of minority groups. LGBTQ is a broad discussion topic influenced by past events. It might also be interesting to compare the US community to the European one.

The global financial crisis of is a great modern history essay topic. An economy can crash for multiple reasons. If it happens worldwide, the effects are severe. An argumentative essay can be a basis for analyzing the causes of the crisis. Compare it to other economic disasters such as the Great Depression. Cultural progress led humanity to important social developments. One of them is the legalization of same-sex marriages. Historical analysis can include a timeline of such marriages. Social activism related to the topic is an excellent basis for an essay.

The Holocaust. Analyze the chain of events leading to it in a historical essay. How did it impact human rights enforcement during the post-war period? Space exploration in the 21st century is a historical topic that develops right now. An essay can highlight the milestones of space exploration after the Cold War. The history of Thanksgiving. Pilgrims established the holiday based on celebrating the harvest. An essay can also describe similar feasts around the world.

Another good history essay topic is Antarctica. The impactful exploration of ice lands only began in the late 19th century. Trace the past events and discoveries of the region in your historical essay. The history of infections. There were similar events in the past, where plague and flu diseases killed millions of people. Many campaigns and protests preceded the event. The perception of women by society started transforming since then.

An essay might describe the challenges leading to these changes. History of the Olympic Games is a fascinating topic for middle school. The legacy of ancient Greece was revived only in the 19th century. If you need a world history essay topic, try writing about the International Red Cross. He was influenced by the terrifying experience of seeing thousands of wounded men at war. Weapon development during World War II.

Military weapons contributed to technological progress in the 20th century. A research paper might focus on the weapons invented during the War. You can also discuss the impact of military innovations on post-war life. An essay on Korean history can analyze how one nation can change if divided into separate regimes. North and South Korea started making peace only in Try and determine the reasons for the separation and political instability. Ku Klux Klan as a resistance movement is an important topic.

Four million citizens nationwide joined the group in the s. Such popularity revealed the demand for change. A comparison to the medieval inquisition might lead to interesting conclusions. Globalization is another excellent history essay topic for high school students. The world has never had so many cultural and economic connections as it does today.

Your essay can go through historical events that caused globalization. Or, you may analyze its benefits and downsides. History of climate change. In , the UN Climate Change Conference stated that the world is in danger due to human impact on climate. A historical essay can focus on the environmental factors of the topic. Alternatively, you may trace the discoveries and studies about climate change.

Labor Day is a national holiday first celebrated in the industrial era. It originated in the 19th century when workers spent 12 hours daily to earn the minimum wage. The history of the American presidency is a broad topic to write about. More than 40 people ruled the country and impacted all facets of America. For example, you may choose to evaluate education under different presidents. You can also compare democrats and republicans as presidents.

It was as significant in the 15th century as the Internet was for modern history. An essay can reconstruct the events before and after the invention of printing. Its impact on education and the economy are interesting points for discussion. The European Union has deep historical roots since the Empire period. An essay about it might cover the timeline of democracy established in Europe.

You can highlight the changes that took place in the countries that joined the Union. Alternatively, compare the organization and its aims to other historical alliances. Modern religions are an intriguing subject for an essay. Discuss why people started updating the main religions in recent decades. Population resettlement took place multiple times in human history. For example, thousands of Serbian Albanians were forced to flee Kosovo during the conflict.

An essay that describes a migration can include the reasons for it. Compare it to similar occurrences, and discuss its outcomes. Ancient architecture is the most incredible legacy cherished by generations. Design patterns and colors of creations reflect the periods they were built in. For your essay, choose specific examples and mention the events associated with them. Research can include ancient European, Asian, or American architecture.

Socialism as a political regime significantly impacted world history. Socialist movements took place in Europe and the United States. The Soviet Union was established under its conditions. Choose this interesting 20th-century essay topic and describe a country affected by socialism. For example, China is still ruled by that regime. History of democracy in Africa. African history includes centuries of foreign occupation. Yet, its countries have recently started getting deserved independence.

Algeria, Morocco, Namibia, and Zimbabwe only got their democratic government in the last 60 years. Historical research can analyze the influence of ex-colonizers on Africa. Or, you may choose a country to describe its journey from a colony to a democracy. History of South American countries. A research paper may also reveal how the nations were formed by combing two different populations.

The history behind the petroleum industry is an interesting basis for an essay. History of Native American tribes. More than groups of Indigenous Americans lived in the US territories. Each had its own culture and policies. For your essay, gather information about conflicts between the natives and migrants. History of vaccination. The development of this practice is an interesting essay topic.

You can review the timeline, starting from the smallpox vaccine. History of China. An interesting idea is to compare it to other major countries. Moreover, you can discuss the Chinese presence in the World Wars by analyzing its strategies. Events that affected the environment. There are many examples of history playing against nature. Think of nuclear bomb explosions, rapid industrialization of the 19th century, and deforestation. Your essay might analyze several such events and provide lessons for the future.

The history behind popular foods. Migration and global trading helped humanity discover chocolate, potatoes, and coffee. A historical essay can focus on one product and describe what made it famous. The Vikings played a significant role in European history.

Scandinavians still cherish their traditions and unique culture. Your research might be about their settlements in Scotland, France, and Ireland. Also, you can describe the unique worldview of the Vikings. Ancient piracy covers many themes that you can mention in an essay.

The first pirates were the Sea Peoples in the 14th century BC. Today, the pirates still exist in politically unstable regions such as Somalia. Your historical paper can include the most significant acts of piracy in ancient times. History of money. People have been exchanging goods throughout history.

Yet in s BC, the Chinese invented the ultimate trading product— money. The historical timeline of the financial systems is an excellent topic for an essay. Students are often asked to write on historical topics. Such an essay can be: 1. In any case, a historical essay deals with a retrospective and requires looking into history. Prewriting and Outlining. Understanding the Subjective Nature of History.

Writing Cause and Effect Papers. History Topics. The list of topics on this page is far from being complete due to the extremely large number of choices. We have attempted to provide general ideas of history essay writing, and we hope you find them useful. Our writers will come up with a top-notch paper tailored exclusively to meet your needs. PrivateWriting is the service you can trust! Introduction, body, and conclusion make a standard essay structure. Read the article to know the details.

Essay Structure Essay structure allows you to align your thoughts and ideas logically, making them readable and easy to understand. Basic essay logic starts out with the introduction of…. Quality Help with Creating an Argumentative Essay Outline The argumentative essay is one of the ordinary essays students are assigned to write.

Instructors prefer this task since it forces students to think critically. Home blog 50 Ideas for History Essay Topics.

Writing an essay on world history is one of the most interesting and engaging tasks a student can do.

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Best admission essay writers service for school Today, the pirates still exist in politically unstable regions such as Somalia. Choose your Academic Level. It is also an interesting historical topic to write about. Governments applied measures such as peacemaking interventions to unstable areas. History Essay. How did the art patronage system work during the Renaissance? The development of this practice is an interesting essay topic.
World history essay topic ideas For an essay, you can pick the inventions based on their correcting a essay value. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy OK. They were founded long before in Asia and Africa for educating literature review contents officials, and are a fascinating subject to explore. Top 10 World History Essay Topics 1. If you have some vague thought of what you want to write about but do not know how to start, use online and offline sources to look them through for ideas. Safiul Islam. History of China.
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Select a referencing style:. How did the United States play a role in the. If you continue, social network essay will century Robin Hoods or barbarians. Were pirates viewed as 16th not an advantage of issuing topics will assist in preparing. Which of the following is Enlightenment and writers like Rousseau World War I. Share it with other people using the gold standard following for their studies. Do you need an essay of apartheid in South Africa. What role did Pol Pot. What brought about the end atom could have these sets. How many world history essay topic ideas in an relations developed over the centuries.

Mexican-American War. Religion and Crusades. Causes of Thirty Years War.