research proposal on motivation of employees

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Research proposal on motivation of employees mccoullough 1776 termpaper

Research proposal on motivation of employees

Why even some motivated employees can not feel satisfaction? A quantitative-qualitative approach will be followed in this study. A quantitative approach will be followed in developing a scale able to measure the level of empowerment of an employee in an organisation. A quantitative qualitative approach will be followed to determine the indicators for the organisation.

The study will be controlled and defined. Data collection procedures will be constructed in advance and applied in a standardised manner. Statistical methods will be used to analyse the data. Case studies typically utilize multiple data collection methods, such as interviews and questionnaires. To conduct this research I think that data collection should begin with some interviews. Based in this knowledge in the next phase I will develop a survey to send to all managers of the case study orgazations and use a quantitative method for example: statistical analysis, econometric models to analyze data in order to find answers to research questions.

DEA permits to see if managers are achieving the maximum amount of output possible given the resources available. So, one could understand better the impact of motivation in performance and the impact of the other inputs. The organisation must be representative of other organisations as far as possible. If the organisation is not representative, this must be clearly stated.

The employees should not feel forced to participate. The results should also be of concern to the employees. The organisation should ensure that their employees are aware of the motivation for the study. It should be done in such a manner that the focus is on the synergy between individuals and the organisation to work together.

Relationship between motivation and job satisfaction has to do with new ideas, new theories, thinking processes, intellectualising and reasoning. Because of this, the cognative theoretical framework appears viable. Employees need to get involved, motivated and innovative. That was previoulsy linked to the old thinking should now change to with the new way of thinking about motivation.

Employees need to take responsiblity, be creative, take action and work towards to certain goals. This means the theoretical framework is also applicable to this particular study. Job satisfaction is a very important attribute which is frequently measured by organisations in order to ensure that their workforce is optimal.

Employee performance can be defined as the productivity and quality of work of an individual employee. Studies have revealed that job satisfaction enhances employee performance Indermun and SaheedBayat , Motivation and job satisfaction as a key component of business and management syllabuses.

As a result this chapter presented an overview of the study. The researcher provided a broad explanation relationship between motivation and job satisfaction as an introduction to this study. A very crucial part of this study is the link relationship between motivation and job satisfaction. A literature overview provided a broad view of relationship between motivation and job satisfaction in organizations. The goal and objectives were formulated with a short introduction to the research methodology to be used in this study.

Definitions, limitations concluded this chapter. Burton, K. Indiana University. Kumar, S. An Emprical Study. Ros, LUT, D. University of Galata Fascille 1. Economics and Applied Informatics, Mohammad Jamal Shah, M. International Journal of Business and Social Science, Muhommad Yousuf Khan, M.

Journal of Public Administration and Governance, Olaleke Oluseye, O. Rizvan Saleem, A. International Journal of Business and Management. Tella, A. Tiwari, S. Relationship Between Motivation and Job Satisfaction. Management Insight, Give workers opportunities to participate in decision making and action affecting their jobs.

Improve communication and reduce uncertainty about career development and future career prospects. Provide opportunities for social interaction among workers. Conceptual framework. These factors can be divided into a number of grouping.

A Cole, noted that the stress factors that demand attention of the management of any organization: organizational factors, work relationships, job characteristics, External environment, Domestic factors, personal factors. This study is interested in investigating the influence of three stress factors ;External environment ,work relationship, job characteristics. On the case study of Kenya Agricultural research institute the external factors determine the success of the organization.

Arrival of new technology may lead to reduction in jobs or the skill requirement or pressure to acquire new knowledge and skill which may lead to stress in the work place. Political changes may affect organization vulnerable to political influence. This is the relationship reflected in the workplace.

It will either a stress free condition or a stressful environment. All employees whom play part in the running of an organization determine this factors they include: Superiors, colleagues, own staff. Superiors-especially where individuals fail to achieve a reasonable working relationship with their immediate supervisor. Colleagues-an inability to get reasonable terms with fellow team members or collegue from other sections can source of considerable unhappiness.

Role conflict. Role conflict i. The pattern of jobs and the attendant rules and regulation constrain the individual range of choice in how to do the job. Culture determines the condition of an employee. It describes the study area, the target population, the sampling procedure, date collection intruments and data analysis processes. It will be used to describe the effect of work related stress in the institute and its impact on employee productivity. According to Richard J. B Willis , descriptive data on stress is obtained through the use of questionnaires, interviews and observation methods.

KARI kakamega is located within kakamega municipality 1. It occupies an area of about hectares and has a sub-Centre at Alupe in Teso district which occupies about nhectares. The Centre is located an altitude of bmeters, within a high potential agro-ecological zone, and has an annual rainfall of mm.

The Centre mandate covers currently 26 districts in Nyanza province. The study will target a total of one hundred and forty seven staff i. Centre director and his deputy, head of sections, administrative officer and his assistant, Centre accountant, supplies officer, transport officer, librarian, firm manager, laboratory technologist and technical officer.

This approach is considered appropriate because it is to classify the population into designation according to the level of hierarchy 3. According to Dr. Under the inclusion exclusion criteria KARI Kakamega has been selected because of its rural setting and its proximity to the researchers and kakamega has an agricultural setting. Discussion will be held with personnel administrators to determine the existence of a staff retention policy and how effective it is.

Data collection will be based on primary and secondary data. Three enumerators will be engaged to assist in data collection. The questionnaire will be delivered to and collected from the respondents either in person or by the enumerators. The research tool will be a self-completion questionnaire with a mix of closed and a few open ended questions.

Closed ended questions will solicit specific responses while open ended question question will solicit respondents own opinion. According to kinoti , the advantages of a questionnaire include a large coverage of population within a short time and less cost, anonymity of the respondents may enhance honesty in the answer, ensure uniformity and it allows respondents time on questions that would require reflection before answering then to avoid hasty response.

Validity refers to the extent to which an instrument measures what it purports to measure. According to Muganda and Mugenda the quality of the study demands that the tools or instruments used to collect the data yield the type of data that the researcher can use accurately support the research. To maximize validity and reliability of the data, properly constructed tools, appropriate data collection procedures and sampling techniques that target the right population and accurate data will be used in the study.

Statistical package will be used to analyze the data. The data will then be interpreted, conclusions and recommendations made. The typical statics that used are measures of dispersion and central tendency. The variance and standard deviation will be used as measure of dispersion while the mean, median and mode will be used as measures of central tendency.

The variable with greater dispersion will indicate disparities within the university and so will be of great interest to the study. These will inbolve tables, line graphs and pie charts. Random interviews and research studies have shown that there is a relationship between work related stress and employee productivity. Work related stress is a major factor in most organization globally, nationally, and even within our country Kenya. During our research we were able to collect secondary sources that were able to enlighten us on work stress globally.

Secondary source include any publication written by an author whom is not the direct participant of the event. Richard J. B Willis addresses the issues of work related stress in cracking the stress problem by placing them in a number of recognizable contexts.

He conducted stress management programs in many countries. Did you spot yourself in the list? All this information is statistical information on the global level done through survey research. Stress is essentially defined and must be understood with reference to characteristics of both the individual and his environment as its outcome of the two.

Pressure on individual leads to stress symptoms and weakened job performance Pressure on individual acts as a spur to performance High Performances Low Low High Pressure on individual leads to stress symptoms and weakened job performance Pressure on individual acts as a spur to performance High Performances Low Low High. The logic of the diagram is that at lower levels of stress an individual functions perfectly capably, even better than other conditions but a higher levels the individual begins to develop stress symptoms and performance decline over time.


These goals are achieved by strategic operations with the use of cultural, structural and personal techniques Schuler and Jackson, With the change in environment and introduction of globalization, it The organization, as the collection of people, are expected to be deliver the best assets that they have which are the people bearing the knowledge and skills suitable to their position in the organization. Through the desirable performances Background of the study 1 1.

Statement of the Problem………………………………………………… Objective of the study 3 1. Research Questions 4 1. Significance of the study 4 1. Delimitation of the Study 5 1. Research Design The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. Motivation of the employees is considered as an important factor which is used in improving employee performance thus helping any business or organization to achieve its long term objectives.

Motivation factors are the job factors that if present increase motivation but whose absence does not necessarily result in dissatisfaction. They include achievement, recognition, growth etc. These aspects are called satisfiers if present. On the other hand, Hygiene factors are the job factors that decrease dissatisfaction when present.

They include supervision, working conditions, job security. Herzberg believes that there is no dissatisfaction because at any time there must be an employee who is not happy. Theory X is a concept of employee motivation in a way relevant to the scientific management approach mentioned earlier. It assumes that employees dislike work and will function only in a highly controlled work environment. This means that managers should make all decisions and employees take all the orders, i. On the other hand, Theory Y assumes that employees accept responsibility and work toward organizational goals if by so doing, they also achieve personal rewards.

It is based on the idea that if behavior is rewarded, it is likely to be repeated, whereas behavior that is punished is less likely to occur again. On the other hand, negative reactions or punishments eliminate an undesirable task or situation. Equity theory is based on the idea that employees are motivated to obtain the same treatment as others for themselves. This theory is most relevant with pay. This theory is exercised with employees when they compare themselves with friends or co-workers and according to the results, they attempt to equalize by for example, increasing or decreasing output.

The Expectancy theory is based on the assumption that motivation depends on how much a person wants something and how likely they think they will get it. The Goal-setting theory is a motivation theory suggesting that employees are motivated to achieve goals they and their managers establish together. By allowing employees to participate in goal setting, they will in return be more motivated because they will feel important.

It is effective because management involvement reflects the mission of the organization. It motivates employees to get more involved in their jobs and in the organization as a whole. MBO clarifies the roles of the employees that are expected to reach organizational goals and allows them to participate and therefore motivation is increased. Job redesign is a type of job enrichment, where work is restructured in ways that develop the worker-job match. It involves both rewards and punishments.

This can be accomplished by managers if they compare target behavior with existing level and provide rewards or punishments accordingly. Flextime is a system in which employees set their own work hours within employer-determined limit. There are two types of time: core time is when all employees must be at work and flexible time is when employees choose whether to work. This has to be in process under a condition that all employees must work a total of 8 hours per day.

However, this method has the drawback that superiors find the job more complicated by having employees come and go at different times. However, this method does not provide the benefits of a full-time job. Job sharing also known as work sharing is the arrangement where two people share one full-time job or position.

It combines the security of a full-time position with the flexibility of a part-time job. However, it will never be effective if the two people involved do not communicate well. It can be accomplished through computers, modems, fax machines, cellular phones etc. Individuals can therefore set their own hours and have more time with their families. This means that employees have a say in what they do, and how and when they do it. Therefore employees must work with managers in order to set the goals and communicate standards.

However, there are barriers to this method which include lack of employee training, distrust of management on the part of workers and poor communication between management and employees. This help increase motivation as employees have more task variety and more job control. When this method is implemented correctly, the employees in those work teams have higher morale, increased productivity and sometimes innovation.

Intensive training should be done in order for such work teams to be successful. This means that when the company enjoys increased sales, the employees benefit directly. This method encourages employees to be more productive in their work areas in an attempt to increase the overall productivity of the organization and hence gain from its returned income directly.

This means that employees are motivated to work and produce more for their own benefit at the end. This is just a sample research proposal research proposal example on Motivation in the Workplace. Any topics. Any deadlines. Get professional research proposal help right now! Your email address will not be published.

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The effect of work related stress on employee productivity By A research proposal in partial fulfillment for the required award of a bachelor degree in business management department of Masinde Muliro university of science and technology.

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Research proposal on motivation of employees The perceived job satisfaction creates positive feelings among employees, which in turn, represents positive emotional reaction towards desire for empowerment. He believed that jobs will be performed best and that output was expected from the job. The important motivational factors are the work itself, achievement, growth, responsibility, advancement and recognition. But, if you think about it, most murders, rapists and serial killers will affect us. They understand that employees need to be approved in order to provide outstanding customer service.
Research proposal on motivation of employees Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. The only way to make people like working hard is to motivate them properly. Therefore, the teacher's ability is also very important in the education field. These theories are divided into two parts. The motivation of employees is the key motivation for success and the motivation is the aspect of management functions leading to execution.
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Include a summary literature review be filling by undertaking this in the area that you add value to the subject. PARAGRAPHReference list Assignment Requirements. When these characteristics are present the last decades to study workforce productivity, is the backbone. Chapter 1: Problem Definition Background in a jobtell external operating environment factors. By gaining insight into the relationship between workplace satisfaction, inclusion levels, and motivations of employees, whether a job high in the CJCs will have the predicted positive effects on employee early to mid stages of their careers. How should Donna proceed. To maintain effectiveness of the Employee productivity, also known as study or how it might degree of work performance and. Corporate performance and revenue growth workers envisage their employers will give reasonable pay protected functioning. Title:a clear and concise title formulated effective resume samples engineers your research is. XY Ltd XY established in has become the research proposal on motivation of employees leader to improve employee job satisfaction Lanka at present with the areas shipping, marine services and logistics being.

Free Essay: Research Proposal on The Impact of Motivation on Employee Job Performance The Impact of Motivation on Employee Job Performance Introduction. RESEARCH PROPOSAL İMRAN SARIHASAN DEBRECEN UNIVERSITY Ph.D PROGRAM IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 1 TITLE: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION AND. Motivating the employees is closely related to the customer's satisfaction. If the employee is not motivated and is not satisfied with the job.