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Elks essay examples write a letter from santa template

Elks essay examples

The students will continue to write about different themes this year. Tabaczka wrote in her essay that, "There are many things to be grateful for, that others don't have. Like freedom, other countries have a government that controls where they work, how much they get paid and possibly where they live, that's a dictator.

But in America, we are able to choose where we work, where we live, and kind of how we get paid, depending upon the job you want. Some countries don't get as good as an education, or an education at all. America is free because it didn't want to follow the ways of others, the ways we didn't believe were right. We have a choice and if people make bad choices then they get that privilege taken away.

Is this country perfect? It's not, but it's better than any other country and we have the right of free speech. We can be safe, we choose what we eat, make petitions to make things even more fair. One of the most important things that comes to my mind is freedom. We have so much freedom thanks to our amazing veterans.

They fought and left their families to risk their lives for people like me. Oleniczak said knowing that there are people putting their lives on the line to protect our freedom makes him proud to be an American. One of the reasons is knowing that I can go to sleep and wake up in the morning knowing that I am going to be safe. I wake up and watch the news in the morning and see that someone from the military, law enforcement, or even an every day person has died protecting someone like me and trying to keep our country safe.

For that I will be eternally grateful. If it weren't for them I probably wouldn't be here. I am so glad that we have the freedom that not all countries have. Click here for more information. The Capitol Building. The Washington Monument. When she arrived in Washington D. After she graduates in May with a degree in International Relations, Meghan plans to find a job in the counter-terrorism field.

And she recently spent three months studying in London. Week 3: Living for Others Dispensing medication and checking vitals might not be your ideal day at work, but for Litahni Post-Bentham this was a day that changed her life. Now, three years later, Litahni is a Certified Nursing Assistant and living out her dream of helping others. Her drive to help others was in part inspired by her experience with the Elks. The ENF is extremely generous and being an Elks scholar is an honor. Week 2: Reporting from Harvard Although he is about to embark on his last semester at Harvard, William Bergstrom is as busy as ever.


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Elks essay examples Scholarship Submissions If you offer a college scholarship, you can submit it to us through this form: Scholarship Submission Form. The freedom we have allows me to believe in whatever I want to believe in. All rights reserved. Every elks essay examples I see bravery and sacrifice among the stars and stripes as I say the Pledge of Allegiance. Blue stands for the loyalty to our country, America. Brethren sees four girls soccer players honored.
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Elks essay examples Every morning I see bravery and sacrifice among the stars and stripes as I say the Pledge of Allegiance. Week 2: Reporting from Harvard Although he is about to embark on his last semester at Harvard, William Bergstrom is as busy as ever. We have a choice best dissertation chapter writing website ca if people make bad choices then they get that privilege taken away. Applications must be submitted to the Lodge closest to your aauw dissertation fellowship notification address. One of the reasons is knowing that I can go to sleep and wake up in the morning knowing that I am going to be safe. The Pledge reminds me that I am safe and secure in this great land.
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Participant must be identified by name, grade, school attending and sponsoring Elks Lodge on the Essay. Awards. Plaques awarded by the Grand Lodge for 1st, 2nd. essays were entered with the theme “What the Pledge of Allegiance Means To Me. For example, the red means blood for all the soldiers that fought and. Elks Drug Awareness Essay Contest. The theme for the contest is: "The Best Me Is Drug Free". Rules. The contest is open to all 6th, 7th.